Daily Essentials


I love to have a lot of space in my life!

Space in my closet, space in my time, space between events.

Many of my friends see space and want to fill it with things or activities, but I see space, smile and exhale.

After chasing the common story of always being busy and earning my right of saying " I had such a crazy day today!" I started to question that way of living.

I began to notice the conversations around me and think...  " Is this what we were designed for?"

I was always running, but feeling confused about our finances, behind in my housework and ever-embarrassed at my lack of scripture study.

One day I finally sat down and  I made My Daily Essentials.

The rule...?  If my life is too busy for these things, then I need to scale back until they all fit.

They aren't glamorous, but they come first.

Here are mine...

Balance the Budget ( yes, I do this daily )

Read My Scriptures ( I am following the Come Follow Me Study for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Write:  Either in my Daily Greatness Journal, Thought Downloads and Models or Reparenting Work.

(Just  minutes a day has made more of difference than years of counseling ever did)

Exercise:  Lift, Yoga or a Walk... everyday

That's it.

It can take and hour or spread through out the day into 2 or 3 hours, but if these aren't happening, something else needs to go.