Decision Freedom


Today... I made a decision.


A decision to bet on me and let go of the rope.

I wrestled for over year.

I waffled, I worried and worked towards one goal.... but it never felt right.

The signs pointed other ways...

people were put in my path, but I stayed the course, I checked every box.

But today.... today I made a decision.

I made THE decision, seemingly out of nowhere.

Just done, decided... next?

I waited for the worry.

I waited for the confusion and the doubt.

But it didn't come.

The lights came on and the world opened up.

The heaviness was gone.

I smiled all night.

I have no idea what comes now, but at least, there is finally a NOW!

I'm here now.  Now is great!  I am qualified for this now,

I feel more free without the choice.

I feel clear in the haze of not knowing

I am enough, wow I haven't felt that in a long, long time,

all because, I finally made a decision!