“Discomfort is the Currency of our dreams.”

When I read this quote in my preparation to start The Lifecoach School next week, I had to stop and let this wisdom sink in.

I am entering something that I know will be racked with discomfort.

My insecurities, guarded faults  and general fallibility will be on display and up for analysis.

Still, strangely enough, it made me excited rather than paralyzed with fear.

It made me smile, not a happy smile, but a Bugs Bunny mischievous kind of snicker.

I feel the fear of my own fears being igniting and building with energy.

I feel the rage of my disordered eating filling my chest and my throat.

It is like, the anxieties that have rules me for so long can see their demise.

They are demanding attention, demanding I stop this process and come home to their safe and secure care.

But I can’t feel it the same way anymore.  Something has changed. 

As I work to accept and embrace discomfort, I can no longer feel the utter panic of facing failure that I normally do.

 It’s power is gone and like watching a two-year old tantruming to gain control,

I can experience the fear, anxiety and rage without feeling alarmed to action.

I can watch the fit and know it will pass

I can wait out the storm and wait to show myself increased love, just as I would a small child overwhelmed with discomfort and emotion.

I am my own adult.

I am my own caregiver and loving friend.

This will pass.

This is not who this child is at their core.

This is fear.

This is anxiety pretending to be a prophet of doom.

This is overwhelm and…

like Brooke Castillo said this “… discomfort is the currency of…” MY dreams