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My Approach

Personal, one-on-one and real!  Changing habits, thought patterns and limiting beliefs is hard work and establishing the right support is key.

I limit the number of clients I work with, so that I can give each my full support.  Expect to be in frequent contact with me, to receive articles, podcasts and materials to help you through YOUR current struggle.

As my client, you are always on my mind and I am committed to your success.  We will personalize the right amount of contact for you, but all of my clients receive far more than their scheduled session with me.

What you eat is important, but how you live between meals is just as important!

Favorite Things



"What can I say, Melissa came into my life at just the right time and I will be forever grateful for that. The things she is teaching me seem so simple and yet their impact is incredible and life changing. I love that we not only discuss the issue at hand, but put into action ways to change it for the better. I appreciate that it isn't about changing anyone else but ourselves and our mindset."



Get Coached...

20 years of marriage, 4 kids and my personal fitness and nutrition journey have at last culminated into my career as a Weight and Life Coach.

You can feel better!  You can in fact feel great at any age or stage of life.  Learn to manage your stress, your mind and your body.  I teach you the tools and YOU BUILD your ideal life.

2015 | Rozeski Family 24

My Story

With a professional athlete for a father and an amazing mom who always struggled with her weight, my feelings and habits about food became complicated at a young age.

Playing sports and doing my best to implement the snippets I heard on commercials and The Today Show, I managed to maintain a thin body, but it was a roller coaster of restriction and bingeing.

My first real diet was after my first child was born and I weighed over 200lbs.  I was 23 and thought that I may just have to get used to being over weight, but by eating the lowest points allowed on weight watchers, I quickly lost that 55 lbs.

4 kids later, I was still restricting and binging, but known for being fit.  I taught step, body pump and yoga.  I got up early to run 5-6 miles every morning and tried to "go to bed hungry" to maintain my desired size.

When my youngest was 18 months old, I was frustrated that my weight was down, but my stomach was always bloated.  My husband and I started crossfit and I started to research the Paleo Diet.

Bam!!  I put on tons of muscle and completely changed by body composition, but still, the bloat.  I went to Nutrition school and tried several practitioners to fix my digestive woes, all the while, still struggling with weekly binges.

I have never stopped researching and trying to solve my IBS.  It feels like a moving target and most things that I try, only make it worse.  Even with Keto, I am in a constant battle with myself, not wanting to delved into an auto immune protocol or restrict my options anymore than I already do.

I am still on this journey, but have found a peace with food through an adapted Ketogenic diet that I have never had before.  I am at last conquering the cravings, binges and feelings of deprivation.

I don't have to be hungry or exercise incessantly to maintain my body compositon.  Making peace with food and learning to nourish myself have made a huge difference over the past 2 years.

The Mental & Emotional Game:

I know what it is to have kids that struggle.  I know what it is to be depressed and anxious, all the while keeping the ship running at home.

We may look picture perfect, but our family has been through some rough years.  I thought that I had to be upset if things weren't has they should be.  I thought I had to be miserable if my child was struggling... and man was I good at being upset, anxious and paranoid.

It wasn't until finding people like Byron Kate, Jody Moore and Brooke Castillo (thanks to one of my dearest friends)  that I realized that I had a choice as to how I felt.

The first time that I heard that "circumstances are neutral" it was like a light went on and there was a way out of my misery immediately.

Applying the life and weight coaching tools that I have learned has been the final piece to achieve a whole and balanced life.

Although most of my clients come to me for weight loss, the tools for mental peace and emotional management always make the biggest impact.