Rozeski Family


These are my people.

A family of strong personalities, lots of laughs and real life struggles.

I can be too controlling and I really like the house clean.  I sing and dance in the morning and fall asleep anytime we try to watch a movie after 7:00pm

I wake up early on purpose and love to be home more than go out.

I am 42.  I do yoga as much as possible and I worry a lot.

I have learned to apologize more and to listen better.

I am the instigator of change and the one who freaks out in the middle of it.

Jason is steady and keeps us anchored.

These kids keep us guessing, grounded and humble.

Rozeski Family

Favorite Things



"What can I say, Melissa came into my life at just the right time and I will be forever grateful for that. The things she is teaching me seem so simple and yet their impact is incredible and life changing. I love that we not only discuss the issue at hand, but put into action ways to change it for the better. I appreciate that it isn't about changing anyone else but ourselves and our mindset."