Better Than Happy

My college roommate sent episode #12 Am I a Good Mom?...

My life changed in that moment!  I was so unhappy about the state of my family and buried in fear, anxiety and despair, not know how we got to that place or how to get out of it.


#5 How to deal with that difficult family member

#28 Perfectionism

#44 How to make your husband happy

#48 Wanting without Needing

#61 Creation and Consumption

#62 Interview with LDS Sex Therapist Dr Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

#79 Victim Mentality

#82 Connection in Your Marriage

#85 Self Actualization

#97 When someone is mad at you

#107 Stay in Your Own Business




Recent Speaches: BYU Speaches

As a former BYU student, I grew to love the Tuesday devotionals and now I once again have access!!!

It doesn't matter that these are directed to students, I learn so much and feel that it helps to prepare me in working with the youth and in understanding the pressures my own children face.

I could reference so many, but there is one that I wish every person I know could listen to and be changed as I was it would be "Be 100% Responsible" by Lynn Robbins.

I have listened to it so many times that I can't count, but I believe that more I can understand every word of this talk, the happier I will be.


How I Built This

First and foremost, I think that Guy Raz is one of the best hosts/interviewers I've heard!

Secondly, learning about the handwork, dedication and luck that has been behind so many big companies had given me inspiration to keep imagining a new future for myself.

If you are down are feeling like nothing is coming together, these stories can remind you that the process is where the magic lies, not in out current result.


The Life Coach School

Brooke Castillo is Jody Moore's mentor.  She is a masterful teacher and has a unique approach to solving the worries that we let overtake our lives.

My favorite episodes are:

#11  The Manual

#12 Boundaries

#21 Jealousy

#27 Unconditional Love

#89 Diets

#134 Hedonism

#163 Boundaries 2.0

#164 Love 2.0

#170 Overwhelm

Now, you know my issues...


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Leading LDS

Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints means that I have always had some kind of calling or responsibility at church.  I have been a teacher, leader for the youth and currently teach Sunday School to the 16-17 years olds!

While we all do our best to fulfill our callings, often we are being "baptized by fire" and often have to fail our way to understand our responsibilities and how to best reach and serve others.

I stumbled on this podcast and have remained a loyal listener for over 2 years. Kirk, hits the hard topics and gives new and innovative approaches.  He interviews some well-known people, but often, he finds everyday members who have found a unique approach to the common issues we face in our callings.


Happier with Gretchin Rubin

This is the very first podcast that I ever listened to!!!  Gretchen's book, "Better Than Before" was my first self-help obsession!

Something about her style and her framework of the Four Tendencies, broke through my deeply held beliefs about people in my life and opened my eyes to seeing things from a new perspective.

I love her interactions with her sister Elizabeth Kraft and find it a light and easy  way to focused on small, positive actions that can make my days "just a little happier"

Start by taking her quiz and find out how you respond to expectations.

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