Food Fear-Mongers


  1. the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue.
    "his campaign for re-election was based on fearmongering and decep

Too often, I feel that diets become dogma and the way that we loose to eat defines our tribe and, even more insidiously, it can label others as "one of us" or not.

I love knowing how I can manipulate my body and mind by what I eat.  I love that it works and that I have so much control once I understand the language the body speaks.

I tried being a vegan and developed trench-mouth from lack of nutrition, but I'm still glad for what I learned.   I ate paleo for years and found powerful connections and was able to pinpoint the foods that irritated my SIBO.  I have done high fat, low fat and the typical 6 meals a day approach, each brought me closer to understanding my optimal diet.

The truth is, the best part of all of these "diets" was the fact that I was actually paying attention.   Diets give us parameters in a world that sells us hyper foods, in hyper amounts and has them within reach 24 hours a day.  I do care about food quality, but not over sanity or community.

Food companies have one job and they do it well,.... sell more food!  

I know of one company that sells food products for fasting!  That blows my mind!

We are designed to fast and there are amazing health benefits from learning to incorporate it into our lives, but food companies don't like the idea of people not eating food. By definition, fasting means the you don't consume food or calories for a certain amount of time.  That's it.  We don't need support or drinks to fast, just water and time.

Others say that lectins, phytates or protein kills.  There is a faction in every extreme.  All of this warring for our dollars has made a culture of fearing, even vilifying certain foods or food eaters.  By creating sides, companies gain our loyalty (aka $$$) , but what do we loose in the process?

Food should be a fun way to make you fell your best!!

Food can be celebratory without being overused.

Food can connect us, rather than create sides and team.

Beware of any company that wants you dependent on them for results.

Beware of any company that tells you fear food or vilifies certain food groups.

Beware if they use fear to sell or teach you to rely on fake processed foods rather than whole food found in nature.

Once we realize the simplicity of foods power, we can take back our own power and trust our bodies to lead us to health.