Letting Go of Rules

I have done and tried so many diets!!  My first was Weight Watchers and recently I play with a combination of Keto and Carb Nite.  I have always managed to maintain my weight through each, with varying levels of success, but still they ALL work!

So why then am I concerned and looking for a new way?  I am still restricting and bingeing after all of these years.  Following and succeeding at each of these plans has not lead to me learning how to listen to, respond to and most of all, TRUST my bodies signals.

I am loosing the reigns.  I am combining all the years of knowledge and relaxing into intuitive eating.

Thought I look and feel pretty dang healthy, I know that my eating patterns are damaging my soul.

I know that I reward and punish myself with food, just as an abusive spouse manipulates their partner.

I am afraid of who I really am without the rules.

I am afraid of loosing my status as “so healthy” and possessing some magical level of “self-discipline”.

I am afraid… and I must say… I like how it feels!

First step… letting go of all rules.  (my heart is pounding just to write it.)

Here goes nothing!!!!