Social Media?

I struggle with the pros and cons of social media and have deleted my apps for months at a time.

I love to see my friends and get some great ideas and inspiration, but what is the net affect?

Do I use it to buffer rather than talk to the person next to me at the car wash?  (This was from today…)

Do I scroll and waste moments that could have been quite or contemplative?

Do I compare my life, my body and my kids, even though I am a grown up and know better?

If I’m honest the answer is “yes” to all three.

I wonder if there is a happy medium or if I should pull the plug?

I worry that I will fade away from memory and hurt my chances of building a successful business.

I want to be better than that!!

I want the ideas and inspiration without the product pushing and glorified life sketches.

I want to say that I am “real”, but I edit, filter and wait to post until I feel like things are good or that I can write without feeling fake or rehearsed.

So far, I am just doing less and making a conscious effort to model for my kids a life lived in the real world as much as possible.

In the end, just as with so many things, I need to stay mindful and consciously choose to prioritize connected relationships with the tangible people that surround me.

Limits bring freedom.  

Rules offer more choices

and for sure with social media,

less is always more.